Get a Docker host in the cloud, instantly.

Use Docker without having to set up servers or install VMs on your laptop.

Run commands and daemons

Ever thought “I wish I could run this command on a really big computer somewhere?”

Orchard makes this easy. Prefix any command with orchard docker run and the name of a Docker image containing what you want to run, and you can run it in the cloud as if it were on your local machine.

Orchard's also great for long-running daemons such as web servers and databases. You can manage them and view their logs using Docker's own command line tools.

Ridiculously fast, fully secured

Hosts start instantly and are billed by the minute. They come equipped with gigabit networking and SSDs.

We do all of the hard work to make sure your containers run securely. Hosts are fully isolated from each other, and all communication between the Docker client and the host is secured using SSL client certificates.

Build, run, push, pull

Everything you can do with Docker, you can do with Orchard. Build images, run images, push them to the index – it’s just like having a huge Docker instance on your laptop.

We also support the Docker remote API, so all tools built for Docker also work with Orchard.

Tired of setting up development environments?

You’ll like Fig, our open-source tool for creating and distributing isolated development environments using Docker.

Read more about Fig