Fig 0.5

We've released Fig 0.5! Install/upgrade instructions are here.

Automatically starting links

Fig will now automatically start any links when you run fig up or fig run. For example, if you've got a web service which depends on a db service, running fig run web ./ will start the db service before running ./

Resolving environment variables

Environment variables can now be resolved from the environment that Fig is running in. Just specify it as a blank variable in your fig.yml and, if set, it'll be resolved:

 RACK_ENV: development

volumes_from support

You can now use the volumes_from option in your fig.yml. All of the volumes from the specified services and containers will be mounted:

- service_name
- container_name

Better TTY support

Chris Corbyn has done some great work making the TTYs in Fig more robust. His work is in a separate project, dockerpty, so it can be reused in other Docker projects.

fig.yml also now supports the net and workdir options.

Take a look at the install instructions to upgrade, and make sure your Docker is 1.0.0 or later. Enjoy!