Orchard is joining Docker

Last year, we resolved to try and make the process of developing and deploying software less of a nightmare than we’d come to accept. Over the next few months we talked, we scribbled, we built prototypes. And then Docker was announced, and we threw away all of our prototypes.

From the first time we looked at Docker, we knew it was the right technology to build on. We made a service for hosting Docker containers, and soon after, Fig, a tool for orchestrating local development environments.

To continue towards that original goal, we’re joining Docker. Among other things, we’re going to keep working on making Docker the best development experience you’ve ever seen – both with Fig, and by incorporating the best parts of Fig into Docker itself.

Both Orchard and Fig are small pieces of the puzzle. While Fig has caught on, Orchard hasn’t to the same extent, so we’ll be closing it down on October 23rd. There’s a migration guide to help you move your containers, images and data elsewhere.

Finally, we’re staying in London and opening a Docker office here. The expertise and energy in London’s tech scene is something we couldn’t afford to leave, and we hope Docker’s going to become an important part of that.

Needless to say: we’re hiring.