Moving to another provider

Orchard is closing down on October 23rd, 2014. Before then, you will need to move your containers, images and volumes to another provider.

Running your containers

There are several providers that can host your Docker containers. You can also install Docker on a server of your own by following the installation instructions in the Docker documentation.

If you want to control your Docker host remotely in a similar way to the Orchard client, you can run your Docker host with HTTPS.

Exporting images

To save any images that are on your Orchard hosts you can push them to Docker Hub.

They can either be stored in public or private repositories. If your image contains any private data, first go to Docker Hub and create a private repository.

Next, you need to tag the image on your Orchard host with the correct name. For example, to save an image called "myapp", you must prefix the image with your username on Docker Hub:

$ orchard docker tag myapp username/myapp

You can then push it to Docker Hub:

$ orchard docker push username/myapp

For more information on how to use Docker Hub repositories, see Docker’s documentation.

Once your image is on the Docker Hub, you can use docker pull on another Docker host to fetch and run it:

$ docker pull username/myapp
$ docker run username/myapp

Exporting volumes

Data inside volumes can be exported using the bfirsh/docker-export-volumes tool.

For example, if you have a container called "mycontainer" which has volumes you want to export:

$ orchard docker run --volumes-from=mycontainer -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    bfirsh/docker-export-volumes > mycontainer-volumes.tar