Ports and networking

Each Orchard host has its own IP address, which is displayed by the hosts command:

$ orchard hosts
NAME                SIZE                IP
default             512M      
other               512M      

Ports on a container can be exposed on startup with the run -p. Specify either a single private port (which will be mapped to a random public port), or a mapping of the form public:private.

$ orchard docker run -p 5000 image cmd

$ orchard docker run -p 80:5000 image cmd

$ orchard docker ps
CONTAINER ID      IMAGE       COMMAND     CREATED            STATUS            PORTS
ec3f4054872e      image       cmd         3 seconds ago      Up 1 seconds>5000/tcp
3d89174e87ae      image       cmd         4 seconds ago      Up 2 seconds>5000/tcp